Do Pergolas Have Shade

Do Pergolas Have Shade

do pergolas have shade

Do Pergolas Have Shade?

As the weather warms up, many homeowners are looking for ways to create more outdoor living space and shade. One popular option is the addition of a pergola. But do pergolas have shade?

The answer is yes, but it depends on how the pergola is designed. Pergolas can provide shade from the sun depending on the type of material used for the roof and the angle of the roof structure.

At Egy Gazebo, we specialize in custom-built pergolas that provide shade and protection from the elements. Our experienced team of exterior designers will work with you to create a unique design that meets your needs and adds visual appeal to your outdoor space.


Are You Considering a Pergola? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re considering a pergola for your outdoor living space, there are a few important details to keep in mind.

Types of Pergolas

  • The first thing you need to consider is the type of pergola that best suits your needs. There are three basic types of pergolas – freestanding, attached, and combination.
  • Freestanding pergolas are the most popular choice and are built directly on the ground. They are great for creating a private outdoor retreat or dining area.
  • Attached pergolas are built against a wall, such as a house or garage. They are ideal for creating a shaded area near the home or adding visual interest to a plain wall.
  • Combination pergolas are a combination of the two. They are great for providing shade and protection from the elements while still being connected to the home.


Materials for the Roof

The next thing to consider is the material for the roof. This is what will ultimately determine how much shade the pergola provides.

Some popular options for the roof include wood, polycarbonate, and canvas. Wood is the most traditional option and provides a rustic aesthetic. Polycarbonate is a durable plastic that provides excellent protection from the elements. Canvas is a lightweight, easy-to-install option that provides excellent shade.


Angle of the Roof

The angle of the roof is also important when it comes to providing shade. A steeper angle will provide more shade but can also look less aesthetically pleasing. A shallow angle will provide less shade but will look more attractive.

At Egy Gazebo, we can custom build a pergola to your exact specifications. We will work with you to determine the type, materials, and angle of the roof to ensure you get the perfect combination of shade and visual appeal.


The Benefits of a Pergola

A pergola is a great addition to any outdoor living space. Not only does it provide shade, but it can also add visual interest to a dull yard.

Pergolas also offer other benefits, such as protection from the elements. They can also be used to create a private outdoor retreat or to create a more intimate dining area.

Finally, a pergola is a great way to add value to your home. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal, but it can also be used to increase the amount of usable outdoor space.


Contact Egy Gazebo for Your Custom-Built Pergola

If you’re looking for a way to create more outdoor living space with the addition of a pergola, contact Egy Gazebo. Our experienced team of exterior designers will work with you to create a unique design that meets your needs and enhances your outdoor living area. Whether you want a freestanding, attached, or combination pergola, we have the expertise to make it happen.

We offer a variety of materials for the roof, including wood, polycarbonate, and canvas, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of aesthetics and shade. Our team will also help you determine the ideal roof angle to achieve your desired level of shade while maintaining an attractive appearance.

In addition to providing shade, pergolas offer protection from the elements, privacy, and the opportunity to increase the value of your home. With Egy Gazebo’s custom-built pergolas, you can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and stylish retreat.

Contact us today to discuss your pergola project and let our experts bring your vision to life. Enjoy the benefits of a beautifully designed and shaded outdoor living space with Egy Gazebo.

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