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Elevate your outdoor experience with bespoke decking, the cornerstone of open-air luxury

Decks, like nature’s beauty, fit perfectly with your outdoor space, boosting patios, gardens, and pool areas. Our uniquely-made decks celebrate the balance of style and nature. Walk on your deck; each board welcomes you to enjoy the sun’s glow, and ambient lighting brightens cool nights. Enjoy the charm of outdoor living—your deck turns into your stage, providing a space for get-togethers, quiet thoughts, and starry night parties. Invest in a work of art that adds value to your outdoor area, transforming it into a stylish and cozy retreat. We are designing, building and installing outdoor structures everywhere in Egypt.

Let’s explore the world of WPC (wood-plastic composite) design together at Egy Gazebo. WPC decking is a unique blend of wood’s timeless allure and plastic’s toughness and resilience to weather. It’s perfect for your garden or patio, as it demands very little upkeep. Multiple designs are available, making it easy for you to create a peaceful and fashionable outdoor sanctuary within your personal space. Choose Egy Gazebo for all your WPC decking requirements, and together we will transform your outdoor space into a stronghold of lasting splendor and trustworthiness.

Join us in exploring wood carving at Egy Gazebo. We deliver solid decking options that combine nature’s charm with strength for outdoor use. Perfect for yards, rooftops, or poolsides, our decking needs little upkeep. Choose from various styles and finishes to create a peaceful, welcoming outdoor haven. Trust Egy Gazebo for every wood decking requirement, and let’s transform your outdoor area into a durable, attractive refuge.

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Entirely Made-to-Order

Experience the charm of tailored decking, designed to enhance your outdoor space and individual style. Customize colors, dimensions, patterns, and designs while staying within your budget, without compromising on quality and durability

Tailored Design Solutions

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, our decking options offer tailored solutions for your unique preferences and requirements. Discover our selection and transform your outdoor living experience today

Top-Quality Handcrafted Materials

Designed with precision, our deck installations showcase top-quality materials customized to your preferences. Select from a range of wood, and wood-plastic composite options, guaranteeing both longevity and elegance

Pre-Install & Assembling Solutions

At Egy Gazebo, we gladly offer a comprehensive pre-installation services, ensuring your outdoor space is meticulously prepared for deck construction, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation experience that meet your expectations

Expert Craftsmanship & Installation

At Egy Gazebo, we combine creative design with skilled craftsmanship to create inviting outdoor retreats. Our experienced team, serving clients nationwide, constructs and installs decks of various designs. Collaborative expertise for your outdoor sanctuary

Post-Sale & Installation Maintenance

At Egy Gazebo, our decking services encompass expert maintenance and care, guaranteeing your deck's enduring allure and functionality. From routine upkeep to wood preservation, we're here for you and willing to meet your expectations